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Tuition Rates* (Cost per Trimester)

  • Trimester One (7 credits x $770 per credit hour) $5,390
  • Trimester Two (9 credits x $770 per credit hour) $6,930
  • Trimester Three (9 credits x $770 per credit hour) $6,930
  • Trimester Four (9 credits x $770 per credit hour) $6,930
  • Trimester Five (9 credits x $770 per credit hour) $6,930
  • Practicum Course (6 credits x $770 per credit hour) $4,620


Yorkville University offers a 25% tuition bursary to anyone who is currently serving or has served for more than 2 years in the Canadian Forces. Anyone currently employed by Military Family Resource Centers is eligible for a 15% tuition bursary. Children and spouses of all those eligible (listed above) are eligible for a 15% tuition bursary.
* These bursaries, like all bursaries, cannot be received in conjunction with any other bursaries offered by Yorkville University.
** While common-law relationships and step-parenting relationships will be honoured, proof of spousal relationship will be required. Proof of family connections will be required for all recipients.
*** Proof of active service or history of service is required.
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Payment of Accounts

Arrangements for payment of tuition must be made at least two weeks prior to the start of each term (see the Academic Schedule for the dates of the specific deadlines). Monthly payment arrangements can also be made. Please contact Yorkville University’s Bursar’s Office for more details at 1-888-886-1882.

Tuition for the practicum component must be paid in full, prior to its commencement.

Financial Aid & Awards

Yorkville University is committed to helping students find effective financing solutions to pay for their education. Students have a number of resources available when it comes to post-secondary education:


The following scholarships are available for students in the Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology:


Please note that the costs mentioned do not include other fees such as books, expendable supplies, equipment and resource fee. All fees and charges are quoted in Canadian dollars (CAD). Yorkville University also accepts equivalent payment in other currencies. For further information about tuition, fees and payment methods, please contact Yorkville University’s Bursar’s Office. Tuition rates are confirmed 3 months prior to the start of each term. Changes to Tuition rates will be announced at least 3 months prior to the start of the term to which they apply. Current Tuition rates are available on the University’s website, or from the bursar’s office at 1-888-886-1882.