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The Bachelor of Business Administration with a specialization in Energy Management is designed to provide students with the practical skills and international perspective required for a successful career in the energy management field.

Students will gain specialized knowledge in federal and provincial government policy and regulation affecting the energy industry. Students will gain an understanding of the oil, natural gas and electricity markets, with a focus on how supply and demand factors influence energy prices.

Students will learn about the decision-making role of the operations manager in transforming organizational inputs into desired outputs with analysis of the issues of designing, scheduling, operating and controlling the production system. Students will be provided with the tools to understand the complexities of international energy markets, and the impact of global government policy on energy development.

The specialization culminates in a Capstone course, where students will work in teams to develop an impact assessment of a proposed new energy project within a Canadian jurisdiction.

Courses throughout this specialization are offered fully online, and are also available through a flexible on-campus delivery option in Vancouver, British Columbia. Students are not required to choose one mode of delivery over the other, but may work with a Program Advisor to design a plan of study to fit a preferred learning style.