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  • BUSI3603
    Introduction to Project Management

    Whether you work for a corporation or a government agency, every project is an investment. This course will introduce students to project management fundamentals and terminology and prepare them to compare project investment opportunities using financial and non-financial methods. They will clarify the necessity of linking projects to the strategic plan and learn to initiate the selected projects. Students will also compare various project life cycles to Agile project management and be introduced to (or become better- acquainted with) the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). Current and future project managers will gain insight into the sociocultural and technical dimensions of project management, and will contrast the project management and business analyst roles. (3 Credits) Prerequisite(s) None.

  • BUSI3613

    Project Teams and Leadership

    The development of project teams is an essential part of project leadership and management that relate to PMBOK® Guide’s Human Resource Management and Communication Management knowledge areas. Whether you work on a task force, committee, development team or other type of project team, this course will point the way to becoming a harmonious team member and adaptable team leader. By using stories from an assortment of projects, the course also provides multiple “real world” examples of inspired project leadership, timely project communications, and ongoing team selection, development and management. Practices for improving project leadership are derived from all of these stories. (3 Credits) Prerequisite(s) BUSI2113 – Production Operations Management; BUSI3603 – Introduction to Project Management.

  • BUSI3623

    Project Planning Essentials

    This course will guide students through a rigorous examination of all planning processes and process interactions during the project life cycle. They will determine the elements of the project management plan that are essential, while avoiding “analysis paralysis”. Students will collaborate with others to appraise the content and format of project management plans for small, medium and large projects. They will clarify the scope, schedule, cost and resources necessary for a sample project. Students will also create plans for the management of risk, quality, human resources, communications and procurement for one or more sample projects. (3 Credits) Prerequisite(s): BUSI3603 – Introduction to Project Management; BUSI3613 – Project Teams and Leadership

  • BUSI3633

    Project Execution, Monitoring, Control and Closing

    This course provides students with the practices and processes for launching, monitoring, controlling and closing projects. Special emphasis is given to the eleven processes included in the monitoring and controlling process groups. The course provides students with the processes and techniques used to harness change, and control ‘scope creep’, time delays and cost overruns. The course builds students’ understanding of, and appreciation for, the Earned Value Management System (EVMS) as a better alternative to the inadequate measures of “on time” or “on budget”. The course concludes with an automated simulation that tests students’ ability to make decisions, which improve the probability of project success. (3 Credits) Prerequisite(s): BUSI3603 – Introduction to Project Management; BUSI3613 – Project Teams and Leadership; BUSI3623 – Project Planning Essentials.

  • BUSI3643

    Advanced Project Management

    This course will provide students with an experiential opportunity to reinforce, synthesize and build on the project management knowledge andskills they developed in previous courses. You will work in teams to develop a project management plan and prepare for project execution, monitoring, control and closedown. You will also explore international cultures and their impact on project leadership, communication and team dynamics. In addition, students will compare software tools that streamline project planning and monitoring, and will examine potential career paths and professional development in project management. (3 Credits) Prerequisites: BUSI3603 – Introduction to Project Management: BUSI3613 – Project Teams and Leadership; BUSI3623 – Project Planning Essentials; BUSI3633 – Project Execution, Monitoring, Control and Closing.

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